Whether you're looking for a tillage machine to handle today's high residues, a grain drill, or a machine to address your compaction concerns, Landoll has a machine to fit your needs.

Available at our Mitchell, St. Marys, Tavistock and Tilbury locations.



7400 Vertical Tillage Plus

Isn’t it time that excessive residue levels and cold wet spring soils be addressed in your operation? Put the 7400 VT Plus Series from Landoll to work and increase your return on investment with higher yields, a direct result of earlier planting and more uniform emergence.

9600 Field Cultivator

The Landoll 9600 Series Field Cultivator started with the need for efficiency. High residue levels, larger acreages, higher horsepower tractors and an ever shrinking window of planting opportunities, the design team at Landoll had set the bar high. All aspects of ultimate seedbed preparation were taken into consideration in the new design of the 9600 Series Field Cultivator.

5211/5531 Series Grain Drill

The Landoll 5000 Series Grain Drill brings a new level of seeding excellence to the industry. Rigid models from 10 to 20 feet and 30 and 40 foot front folding units fit nearly any size operation. The ability of all of these units to seed into conventional tilled soil all the way to no-till ground sets the Landoll 5000 Series apart from the competition.

6230/6250 Series Tandem Disc Harrow

The Landoll 6230/6250 Series Discs are true multi-taskers. At home in the high residue primary tillage applications as well as in secondary operations preparing a seedbed for planting, the 6230/6250 Series from Landoll is the disc of choice. Features like the high ratio of weight per foot for penetration and cutting in the fall as well as overlapping staggered gangs for exceptional leveling in the spring provide for use over two seasons.

2410/2430 Series Weatherproofer

The Landoll 2400 Series Weatherproofer 1 offers a combination of parabolic ripper shanks and double offset tandem disc gangs that provides the most effective primary tillage tool in the market place. The ability to manage the soil, water and residue all with a single pass is exactly what the industry has been asking for.

2100 Series Coulter Chisel

The coulter chisel concept has been used for decades as an alternative primary tillage practice. The Landoll 2100 Series Coulter Chisel incorporates this concept into high capacity - that translates to handling heavy residue at higher speeds with maximum efficiency.

2211 Series Ripoll

The Landoll 2211 Series Ripoll has versatility engrained in its DNA. The ability to utilize either chisel shanks or ripper shanks truly provides the best of most tillage operations in one solid performer. Built-in adjustability allows the operator to fine tune the 2211 to fit a wide variety of conditions and expectations.

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