Yetter is the industry leader in designing planter attachments and precision fertilizer placement -tools. Delta Power Equipment are your Ontario Yetter Specialists. Whether you're looking to improve your bottom line or rise to the- conservation tillage challenge, we will put your needs first. We can install these attachments on any make of planter. Call Shawn Zehr, our Yetter Specialist, at 1-855-870-8400 today.


Fertilizer Application

True precision fertilizer placement equipment lets you hit the root zone regardless of tillage practices and application timing - Strip-till, mid-row banding, side-dressing, or pre- pr post-emergence. Yetter fertilizer application equipment delivers precision placement time and again, positioning fertilizer below the soil surface where it can nourish plants from the roots. Whether you prefer liquid or dry fertilizer, Yetter has the equipment to get the job done. Each model is created to provide ideal down pressure and depth adjustment.

Residue Management

Conservation tillage techniques leave significant crop residue on the soil surface, protecting soil from wind and water erosion and improving water permeation and soil tilth. Yetter leads the industry in engineering residue managers that offer profitable solutions to strip-till, no-till, and min-till producers. A wide variety of managers with different options and styles are available to fit Case IH, John Deere, Kinze and White planters in standard and twin row configurations. This equipment allows you to reap the benefits of residue without the hassle.

Coulter Tillage

Coulters help create a better planting zone. Unlike other coulter systems that require you to adjust on an arc, Yetter coulters adjust vertically, compensating for blade wear and adapting for varying seed depths. This system also requires less room in front of the planter, making it easier to integrate residue managers and other soil preparation tolls with your existing setup.

Closing Wheels

All the work you put into planter set-up and performance could be useless if your seed trench is not properly closed. Yetter closing wheel options have been proven by customers and by third party studies to improve yields by breaking up sidewalls, closing seed slots, and setting the stage for even emergence and higher speeds.

Stalk Roller

Today's corn hybrids are designed to resist disease, insects , and wind - but these tough stalks can destroy tires and are difficult to manage during the following cropping season. The 5000 Stalk Devastator™ is an award winning solution from Yetter. The rollers push stalks over, crushing them so they don't damage tires or tracks. The Devastator also provides the first step in effectively managing corn stalks by flattening the corn stalks so they come in contact with the soil, starting microbial breakdown of the residue. Quick and easy to install with mounting kits for most corn head models.

Rotary Hoe

In conservation tillage, the earlier you plant makes a difference in year-end results. The rotary hoe has proven itself a god fit for no-till, min-, and strip-till operations, where it can provide the light tillage needed to fluff residue, allowing the sun the penetrate through to dry and warm the soil. The Yetter rotary how is built for a long life and reliable low maintenance operation. It is offered in a wide variety of models from 15 to 63 feet wide.

Strip Till

Strip-tillage offers the advantages of no-till with the bonus of earlier planting dates. It fractures compacted soil, causing the soil to warm more quickly. Strip-tilled fields absorb water much more quickly and retain it at a higher rate. With 20 years experience, Yetter offers products for strip-till that facilitate precise nutrient placement and produces huge savings in terms of time, water, equipment and fuel costs.


Yetter markers are capable of making a highly visible mark in the tough conditions associated with conservation tillage. They provide a distinct indicator to follow, even in fields where residue has built up over time. Yetter markers are versatile and durable, and they are available in sizes and models to fit most popular palters, drills, fertilizer applicators, toolbar applicators, air seeders and strip-till equipment.

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